Curated asset management software designed to simplify the

“outside of the dispense” complexities

associated with running successful pharmacies

Designed with your Pharmacy in Mind

STACK was deliberately designed to accomplish what’s needed to efficiently and effectively run your pharmacy outside of the dispense.  

Click each area below to see how it works:


Drag the “stuff” you use into STACK – Word Document versions of Standard Operating Procedures, Images of Licenses, PDFs of signed contracts, Training Powerpoints – you know, the real assets you use to run your business


Tag your assets with either a curated tag downloaded from the STACK cloud database, or create your own.  Apply multiple tags to the same asset if you’d like!


Assign schedules for follow-up to your assets.  Need sign off for understanding? Set it up!  Need a review schedule to make sure content is still appropriate?  Set that up too!


Based on your follow-up schedules, STACK’s scheduling engine will automatically create tasks and notify the appropriate employees when they need to address something.


Utilizing a unique, employee-specific PIN number, ensure completion and understanding through PIN-level attestation within each unique asset. 


Utilizing integrated dashboards, analytics, and reporting, ensure the health of your organization at any point in time.


Accreditation Management

Curated content to help your pharmacy navigate the complexities of multiple accreditations.

Licensure Tracking

Stay on top of licensure renewals and tracking.


Contractual Compliance

Prove you are compliant with contracts being signed to grow your business.


Learning Management

Upload custom trainings and track completion.

Personnel Management

Gather info on employees through guided HR tracking.

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STACK™ is a curated software solution to help pharmacies streamline the most complex areas of their organization into a searchable, manageable information ecosystem that works in tandem with the operations you’ve already established. Organize all of your content into customizable stacks, assign searchable characteristics, and easily schedule for ongoing review & attestation.

STACK is software as a service (SAAS) for document management retrieval and storage in the fields of healthcare, pharmacy and education.

If you didn’t document…it didn’t happen!

You’ve heard it for years – but now there’s a way to not only fix, but set your organization up for success.

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